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ARREDAESSE S.R.L. is a family-owned company, creating luxury furnishings in the finest tradition of quality Italian craftsmanship. The brand was founded in 1977 by Mariuccia Sormani and Vittorio Molteni.


Luxurious and discreet elegance of the highest quality, these are the characteristics that have always distinguished ARREDAESSE. Simplicity requires perfection in both the details and the finish.


Arredaesse mission is to provide the highest level of service realizing the vision, desire and dreams of the client, always aiming to exceed expectations. Arredaesse offers an exclusive, yet very personal service from concept through to completion, creating for each project a unique design style, individually tailored to each client.


ARREDAESSE after the design development and the shop drawings manufacture all the custom made products using his production structure, which is made only from professional and well recognized Italian artisan and supplier. More than hundred professional people are involved with ARREDAESSE to make the best final result.


An important feature of the company is the clear distinction made between company ownership and management. There is a management committee made up of ARREDAESSE’s top managers from different departments.


Arredaesse Corporate Video

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