ARREDAESSE is an Italian company belonging to Vittorio Molteni, specialized in architectural design and interior design of luxury projects for international and sophisticated clients.

ARREDAESSE deals with the complex activity of contracting projects for the niche luxury market, producing exclusive furniture, furnishings and decoration on a turnkey basis. As a result, ARREDAESSE has earned with time a position of excellence which goes well beyond all types of projects: hotels, offices, private or public palaces and villas, stores, restaurants, bars, banks, fitness centers.

ARREDAESSE also places real value on its team that can handle the extremely challenging nature of the projects they deal with,and can ensure to their clients not only high-quality products but also high-quality service.


ARREDAESSE is a family-owned company, creating luxury furnishings in the finest tradition of quality Italian craftsmanship.

The brand was founded in 1977 by Mariuccia Sormani and Vittorio Molteni. ARREDAESSE was incorporated to operate in the international contract market through a company specifically created to work in this sector. It is registered at the Chamber of Commerce n° 957707 MB.

1977-2017 The passion of architecture &design


Luxurious and discreet elegance of the highest quality, these are the characteristics that have always distinguished ARREDAESSE.
ISimplicity requires perfection in both the details and the finish. ARREDAESSE creates timeless projects of sustainable beauty and substance, using the highest quality materials and a refined aesthetic approach. In this context materials are not only the means of the creation of the object but are also emotional components of a precious and ancient knowledge.


AREEDAESSE mission is to provide the highest level of service realizing the vision, desire and dreams of the client, always aiming to exceed expectations. ARREDAESSE offers an exclusive, yet very personal service from concept through to completion, creating for each project a unique design style, individually tailored to each client. ARREDAESSE has a qualified team of architects and Interior designers specialized in creating luxury, elegant and sumptuous homes, hotels, offices and commercial environments. As the majority of design are custom made, to have an exceptional group of Italian craftsmanship and artisans is a key of guaranteed success. ARREDAESSE gives to its clients a complete project management service that goes beyond the limits of traditional interior design, up taking its 30 years of experience turning into the future setting aside from its competitor.